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Safety Planning
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Includes products that show persons with developmental disabilities how to be safe in their home, work, and other community settings without giving up their rights to make choices and take reasonable risks.

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Managed by: Dick Sobsey (dick.sobsey@ualberta.ca) of University of Alberta, Edmonton

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (32 Products)
Electronic Media (19 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (10 Products)
Other (7 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
Abuse and Neglect Prevention Systems: Evaluation and Implementation Guide
This is a curriculum on responding to abuse and neglect. It is based on the 7 Key Components as developed by CMS.
ADA Guide for Local Governments: Making Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs Accessible to People with Disabilities
This guide offers practical planning information for before, during, and after an emergency/evacuation situation. You can read it online or download it as a PDF file.
Combating Violence and Abuse of People With Disabilities
This book is written to DSPs and other professionals about preventing abuse.
Combating Violence and Abuse of People with Disabilities: A Call to Action
A book about helping people with disabilities fight violence and abuse—and take charge of their bodies and lives.
Curriculum on Abuse Prevention and Empowerment (CAPE)
This curriculum teaches people with disabilities how to protect themselves from abuse. It is also meant for service providers, parents and allies of people with disabilities.
Emergency Planning Checklist
This planning checklist is written for large, long term care settings. Many of the ideas are applicable to any home.
Emergency Preparedness: Best Practice Guidelines
These two guides help people be prepared for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. There are separate guides for service providers, and case managers.
Emergency Preparedness: Taking Responsibility for Your Safety Tips for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations
This booklet tells you how to make an emergency supply kit. It also helps you know how to be ready for an emergency.
Emergency Supply Checklist
This brochure has a checklist of supplies that everyone should include in an emergency supply kit.
Enabling Safe Evacuations
This web article has tips for employers and building managers on emergency preparedness and safe evacuation planning for people with disabilities.
Every body needs to know
This is a curriculum about sexuality. It is for teaching self-advocates.
Fact Sheet: Using a Generator When Disaster Strikes
This fact sheet tells how to use a generator. This can help if the electricity goes out.
Feeling Safe, Being Safe
This worksheet helps people with disabilities prepare for an emergency. You can download it as a PDF file.
Fire Safety Training DVD and Curriculum
This fire safety training DVD comes with an 84-page staff training curriculum.
Impact: Feature issue on violence against women with developmental disabilities
A collection of articles related to projects, research, and resources that address the issue of violence.
Life Skills Manual Community Based Services Program
A training curriculum for teaching life skills to people with disabilities.
Mugged (From the "Books Beyond Words" series)
This book uses a story with drawings to explain how it feels to be robbed, and what helps. It is easy to understand and can be read together with a helper.
On Target: Disability and Health in New York State
This series of newsletters gives information and advice to individuals with disabilities on matters of health and well-being.
People with Intellectual Disabilities and Sexual Violence
This fact sheet is about sexual abuse and assault toward people with disabilities.
Position Paper on Medication Management for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association)
This paper proposes best practice guidelines
Preparedness: Tips for People with Special Medical Needs
This fact sheet helps people with medical needs prepare for a disaster.
Project Safe EV-AC: "In a Pinch"
This guide shows how to evacuate persons with different types of disabilities from an emergency or dangerous situations in a matter of seconds or minutes.
Quality in Practice: Safety
This fact sheet provides suggestions on how organizations can promote safety while still protecting people’s right to experience a full and satisfying life.
Removing the Barriers: A Fire Safety Factsheet for People with Disabilities and Their Caregivers
This is a one-page fact sheet on fire safety for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities
Resources on Emergency Evacuation and Disaster Preparedness
This web-based article concludes with many resources on disability access issues in disaster preparedness and response.
Rights and Safeguards A Guide for Self-Advocates
This booklet lists personal rights and ways to keep safe. It is easy to understand and uses both drawings and words.
SAFE Place Emergency Preparedness Toolkit
This one-page form is for people to complete and keep with them. It may provide life-saving information in case of an emergency.
Safety Skills for Asperger Women How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life
This book explains how women who have Aspergers syndrome can stay safe. The author is a woman with first-hand experience.
Safety Skills Reader Book
This is an easy to read book that teaches safety skills.
The Aspie Girl's Guide to Being Safe with Men The Unwritten Safety Rules No-one is Telling You
This book has advice about staying safe around men.
The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum
This book is about the science of autism.
The Take and Go Emergency Book
This is a booklet people with disabilities can use to record their personal, medical, and health information. It is meant to be taken along in case of an emergency evacuation.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Autism 5-Point Scale EP tech app
This iPhone app was designed for specifically for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to assist them in communicating effectively with first responders in a variety of emergency situations.
Changing Attitudes, Educating Others
These videos show what bullying is, and how it hurts people. They were written by, and the actors are members of People First of New Hampshire
DDS Safety Net
This web site has a lot of information on health, safety, and everyday life for people with developmental disabilities. Most of the information is easy-to-read.
DDS Safety Net
This website has information for people with disabilities on health and wellness.
Disability Evacuation Plan
This DVD and manual helps businesses plan for emergencies.
Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities (DisabilityResources.org)
This web page lists a lot of disability-related disaster preparedness information available on the web.
Emergency Response Training
This DVD has training for both DSPs and people with disabilities about how to prepare for emergencies.
End Abuse of People with Disabilities Website
This website has information about the problem of abuse of people with disabilities, and news on what is being done to prevent it.
Every body needs to know
This is a curriculum about sexuality. It is for teaching self-advocates.
Falls and People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities CD
This CF-ROM has training materials for DSPs. It is intended to reduce the number of falls for adults with developmental disabilities.
Fire Safety Training DVD and Curriculum
This fire safety training DVD comes with an 84-page staff training curriculum.
Health and safety for disabled workers and people who work with them: An easy to read guide
This brochure talks about the rights of workers to be safe. It is easy to read.
This is an interactive online map to aid agencies and emergency officials to be prepared for a disaster. It helps them locate people who rely on electronic medical and assistive equipment and would need immediate help if the power went out.
How To Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair Including Walkers Crutches & Canes DVD
This DVD teaches DSPs and others about safety when helping people who uses a wheelchair or walker.
Just In Time Disaster Training Videos
These online training videos help people with disabilities prepare for many types of emergencies and disasters.
Live Safe: Preventing HIV/AIDS For Women with Intellectual Disabilities DVD
This DVD teaches people about AIDS.
Meet Us Where We Are
A film about people with developmental disabilities who have been victims of a crime.
The ADA and Emergency Shelters: Access for All in Emergencies and Disasters
This guide shows how shelters must prepare in advance so that people with disabilities can use them.
Therap Services, LLC
This company offers many electronic, online record keeping forms to help service providers.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Disability Services ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program)
A statewide program in Texas to prevent abuse for people with disabilities.
Employers' Guide to Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans
This report helps employers decide how to include people with disabilities in company emergency evacuation planning.
KidPower TeenPower FullPower International Self-Defense
This international organization offers personal safety programs that are inclusive of people with disabilities.
Mind, Disrupted Biomonitoring Project
This program is working to make everyone aware of the toxins present in the places where we live, work and play. Many toxins are known to cause disabilities, especially for babies and young children.
Saving Lives: Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning
This report provides recommendations to the President for incorporating diverse populations of people with disabilities in emergency preparedness, disaster relief, and homeland security programs.
SimplyHome System Personal Response System
This system alerts caregivers so they can respond if and when there is an emergency. The sensors pick up changes in many areas, such as motions, changes in room temperature, use of the stove/oven, or doors or windows being opened.
The "Start with Hi" campaign
This program encourages everyone to "Start With Hi" when meeting a person with disabilities. It is meant to help everyone feel safe and included in communities.
The National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA)
This national membership organization represents Adult Protective Services programs, professionals and the abused, neglected and financially exploited vulnerable adults they serve.
The Taunton Jail Diversion Program
A program in the community of Taunton, Massachusetts. Its purpose is to divert people with mental illness or disability who are in contact with the criminal justice system from jail to community support services.
This agency helps to find alternatives to using restraints and holds in work with people with disabilities. It does this without compromising the safety of DSPs, or of the people they support.
2004 ADA Requirements for Emergency Evacuation Planning for people with disabilities--Maryland Decision
This product describes a Maryland circuit court decision. It declared that the ADA required places of public accommodation to consider the needs of people with disabilities in developing emergency evacuation plans.
Emergency Evacuation of People With Physical Disabilities From Buildings: 2004 Conference Proceedings
This document summarizes the recommendations from a workshop held in 2004. It addressed the support needs of individuals with physical disabilities in case they need to exit a building quickly.
Life Skills Manual Community Based Services Program
A training curriculum for teaching life skills to people with disabilities.
Pip Squeakers Baby Squeaky Shoes
Baby squeaky shoes that alert parents and encourages first steps.
Preparedness: Tips for People with Special Medical Needs
This fact sheet helps people with medical needs prepare for a disaster.
SafeNow Cleaning Products
These cleaning products are effective and safe for both people and the environment. SafeNow proceeds benefit programs and services for people with developmental disabilities.
The Choices Game Staying Safe in Social Situations
This board game teaches youth how to make choices that will keep them safe.

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