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Guardianship Alternatives
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Lists products showing ways to help people make complicated decisions, like how to budget their money, where to live and work, or what kind of medical treatment they need, while protecting their right to control as much of their lives as possible.

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Managed by: Dohn Hoyle (dhoyle@arcmi.org) of Association for Community Advocacy
Co-managed by Kathleen Harris

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (12 Products)
Electronic Media (2 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (4 Products)
Other (2 Products)
People Who Can Help (2 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Good Life - For You and Your Relative with a Disability
This book helps families plan for the future. It covers things like financial planning and guardianship alternatives.
After We’re Gone: A Christian Perspective on Estate and Life Planning for Families That Include a Dependent Member with a Disability
This book helps parents and families plan for the ongoing care of loved ones with disabilities. It is written from a Christian perspective.
A guide for community persons about understanding special communication styles of individuals with disabilities
Guardianship and Alternatives for Decision-Making Support
This fact sheet helps parents and family members as youth transition into adulthood.
Guardianship and Its Alternatives: a Handbook on Maryland Law (revised edition)
This handbook is about guardianship laws in Maryland.
Illinois Guardianship Reform Project
This report looked at the guardianship system in Illinois and found some problems. The report also suggested ways to fix them.
Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts: A Family Guide to SSI, Guardianship, and Estate Planning
This book is resource for parents of children with special needs and the professionals and advocates who assist them. The authors cover the essential elements of SSI, guardianship, and estate planning.
Maine's Guardianship/Conservatorship: Questions and Answers Guide.
This booklet reviews basic information about guardianship and conservatorship in the state of Maine. It reviews when such protection is necessary and has some ideas on alternatives.
My Health, My Decision
This is a training program that teaches self-advocates about making important healthcare decisions. You can download it for free.
Quality in Practice: Guardianship
This fact sheet provides suggestions on how organizations can improve their person centered services by rethinking the need for guardianship.
The Nearest Relative Handbook (2nd edition)
This book tells how to discern who someone's nearest relative is under the United Kingdoms' Mental Health Act.
The Road Map to the Future: A financial planning guide for families of people with disabilities
This workbook helps families understand a variety of issues when planning a secure financial and happy social future for a relative with a disability. While laws are specific to Saskatchewan, the ideas are universal.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
National Resource Center for Supported-Decision Making
This website has many resources for someone wanting to learn more about supported-decision making.
Understanding Guardianship and the Alternatives for Decision Making Support (Webinar)
This webinar is about the options for guardianship support. They are explained from the least to most restrictive options.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Good Shepherd Fund
This nonprofit agency provides conservatorship/guardianship services to persons with developmental disabilities. They also assist families in setting up special needs trusts and with estate planning.
National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making
This Center shares information to assure people with disabilities retain their right to make important decisions.
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
This organization helps parents make sure their son or daughter with disabilities will have a great future.
The Jenny Hatch Justice Project
This project helps people get off guardianship. It works to find better alternatives.
1999-Representation Agreement
This legislation enacted in British Columbia allowed new, alternative and less restrictive approaches to guardianship and supported decision making.
Linda Perry
Linda has over 35 years experience in supporting people with disabilities. She is the Executive Director of the Vela Microboard Association.
People Who Can Help
Al Etmanski
Al Etmanski is the President of A Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, committed to meaningful and good lives for people with disabilities. He assists individuals and families in life-long planning including estate planning, guardianship alternatives,...
Robert Dinerstein
I am a law professor at American University, Washington College of Law, where I have taught since 1983. Among other things, I teach in the area of disability law, covering statutes and regulations under Section 504, the ADA, and IDEA, and criminal jus...

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