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State Quality Assurance
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Contains information about innovative methods for establishing quality assurance programs based on person-centered outcomes.

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Managed by: Elizabeth Pell (epell@hsri.org) of Human Services Research Institute

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Review of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Program in Wyoming
This report summarizes findings of a case study of Wyoming's Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services progam.
Alaska Service Principles
Alaska has nine service principles to assure quality in community services. Funding is tied to these principles for each consumer. If the consumer is not satisfied, funding is not released to an agency. These principles are the foundation of all services.
Are the Expectations of the Lanterman Act Being Met?: An Evaluation of the California Department of Developmental Services' Performance Contracts
This scholary paper asks how well California is keeping track of its promise to help people with developmental disabilities live more independent lives.
Building a Comprehensive Quality Management Program
Groundbreaking paper spelling out the essential organizing principals and essential components of a comprehensive statewide quality management system.
Connecticut "Quest for Excellence"
Connecticut's quality review and improvement system focuses on personal outcomes and provider improvement. You can download it for free as a PDF file.
Quality Assurance for People Moving from Residential Habilitation Centers
This short document explains how the State of Washington helps people keep a high quality of life as they move from an institution to another location.
Quality Enhancement in Developmental Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World
This is a book about ways to make person-centered supports and services more helpful to the supported person and to increase the quality of those supports.
Quality Measurement Instrument Review
A comparison of seventy-two quality assurance instruments from across the country.
Quality of Life: Applications Across Individuals, Organizations, Communities, and Systems
This book was based on new ideas about person-centered needs and outcomes. It provided a careful look at the concept of quality of life, quality assessment and quality improvement.
Sampler of Agency Self-Assessment Activities Related to Person-Centered Planning
This report explains five different methods agencies can use to evaluate how "person-centered" their services truly are.
Sampling: A Practical Guide for Quality Management in Home & Community-Based Waiver Programs
The guide offers ideas to consider when deciding whether to sample. Sampling is a way state agencies can learn about the quality of services. With sampling, information from a small group of programs is used to fairly judge the quality of many programs.
Supporting Individuals and Families Information System Project (FISP)
The FISP report is about Medicaid-funded services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities who live in the community, including with families.
Systems of Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Survey of States
This policy brief summarizes a survey on how states care for people with intellectual disabilities.
Trends and Challenges in Publicly-Financed Care for Individuals with IDD
This report describes nine dilemmas in arranging service systems for people with disabilities. The full text can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Adults with learning difficulties in England 2003/04
This is the report of the first national survey of adults with learning disabilities (intellectual disability) in England. It tells us how much more needs to be done if people with Learning Difficulties are to be more included and have a better life.
Consumer Roles in Monitoring Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
This report summarizes the work of Community Monitoring Boards for Community Supported Living Arrangements in eight states.
Guide for Evaluating State Duals Integration Demonstration Projects
This guide presents questions for states to consider when integrating care for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Measuring Performance with Key Indicators
A systems change project in Colorado using key performance indicators to determine quality . . .
Michigan Mission-Based Performance Indicator System
A set of quality indicators used to monitor services in Michigan.
MN Region 10 Quality Assurance
A person-driven quality assurance process operating in southeastern Minnesota to evaluate services for persons with developmental disabilities.
Alaska Service Principles
Alaska has nine service principles to assure quality in community services. Funding is tied to these principles for each consumer. If the consumer is not satisfied, funding is not released to an agency. These principles are the foundation of all services.
Clarence J Sundram
Clarence Sundram a nationally recognized expert on conditions in institutions and community programs. He currently serves as the Special Master & Court Monitor in class action lawsuits involving the rights of persons with mental disabilities.
John Smith
John's primary interests lie in supporting people with disabilities in the areas of self-advocacy and self-determination. As an evaluator, he is also interested in measuring "Quality" in services and quality assurance.
People Who Can Help
Celia Feinstein
Dr. Feinstein provides consultation and training at the level of local, state and national practices and policies in the areas of self-determination, leadership development, deinstitutionalization, quality management and waiting lists. She has work...
James Conroy
We can assist with program evaluation of all kinds in the human services. We specialize in ways of measuring qualities of life, and demonstrating that they are valid and reliable.
Tom Nerney
Together with 17 other Center for Self-Determination Resource Guides we provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of self-determination including: developing highly personal individual budgets and plans; crafting Medicaid waivers that pr...
Valerie J. Bradley
My primary area of expertise is quality assurance and quality management at the federal, state and provider level. Val is the director of the Human Services Research Institute, which has conducted national and state evaluations and training in a wide...

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