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Supports for Community Living
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Contains information about innovative and creative practices in person-centered residential supports. Information is also included about agencies that have converted from providing group home to individualized residential supports.

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Managed by: Angela Amado of Research and Training Center on Community Living, University of Minnesota

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (20 Products)
Electronic Media (10 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (24 Products)
Other (2 Products)
People Who Can Help (7 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
504Plan - School Intervention and Strategies Plan for Selective Mutism
This manual has information on developing and using a 504 Plan to help students who are selectively mute. It has ideas for achieving both social and academic success.
A Review of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Program in Louisiana
This report summarizes findings of a case study of Louisiana's Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services progam.
Abilities: Canada's Lifestyle Magazine for People with Disabilities
A quarterly magazine featuring many empowering and interesting articles for people with disabilities. It has many articles for families.
Autism & the Transition to Adulthood Success Beyond the Classroom
This book is about the best ways to assist young adults with autism as they move from school to community life.
Becoming Remarkably Able: Walking the Path to Talents, Interests, and Personal Growth
This workbook helps youth who have autism identify their gifts and strengths.
Celebrating the Ordinary: The Emergence of Options in Community Living as a Thoughtful Organization
This book is about one of the first agencies in the country that was designed on the principles of person-centered planning and supportive living. It has stories, pictures, documents, and policies that tell its story over time.
Critical Issues in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Contemporary Research, Practice, and Policy
This manual explores emerging issues in the fields of intellectual and developmental disabilities in ten areas.
Filthy Lucre: Creating Better Value in Long Term Supports
This seminal article discusses issues of rate-setting and person-centered budgeting in support of self-determination
Getting to Community: Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in their Pursuit of the Good Life
This book is about promoting self determination and great lives for people with disabilities.
Group Homes for People with Intellectual Disabilities Encouraging Inclusion and Participation
This book is about making community living better for people with disabilities.
I Matter - So Does Your Cause - Starting a Nonrpofit
This book takes you through the steps of starting a non-profit organization. It was written by an expert in development, management and fundraising.
A newsletter with articles on research, current trends in services, and success stories. Each issue has a specific focus area important to persons with disabilities.
Informal Assessments for Transition: Independent Living and Community Participation
This book has many checklists about being prepared to live and work in the community.
Members of Each Other: Building Community in Company with People with Developmental Disabilities
In 1996, this book set a strong values-based foundation for providing supports for individuals with disabilities. It is still a strong resource about person-centered planning and self-directed supports.
Next Steps: The Journey So Far
This report explains what service providers in Ireland are learning about making the switch to providing individualized supports to people with disabilities.
One Person at a Time
This book is about an agency that changed how it provided services. It tells life stories and explains agency changes that occurred when each person was listened to and supported one person at time.
Roles Based Planning- Second Edition
This book reviews social role valorization, individual rights, self-determination, and community integration. The author reflects on differences these innovations have made, and presents a model of his own. You can download the entire book as a PDF.
Shared Living Guide
The guide is about how to help people with developmental disabilities have a home and people to share everyday life with. It is written for states.
Sharing Community: Strategies, Tips and Lessons Learned From Experiences of Community Building at Options
Through photos and stories, this handbook has twenty tips and lessons for helping people with developmental disabilities to have community membership
Statewide Transition Plan Toolkit for Alignment with the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Regulationís Setting Requirements
This information brief helps states comply with regulation changes made in January, 2014. These new regulations said that HCBS services needed to be truly community-based.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Becoming Independent
This film is about 3 young adults with disabilities, and shows them at work and home. It explains their transition into adult life.
Community Services Reporter
An online monthly periodical that features developmental disabilities services across the United States.
Community Sidekick
This app sends automatic emails to DSPs about where a person is when he or she is out in the community. It works on the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota website
The website for the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota
Minnesota Association of Centers for Independent Living (MACIL)
MACIL is an organization dedicated to providing information about independent living and services available to Minnesotans that are provided by Minnesota's eight Centers for Independent Living (CILs).
National Goals in Research, Practice and Policy for and with People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This webpage is a nice summary of the National Goals Conference that was held in 2015. There are many articles that can be downloaded, and video clips with researchers and persons with disabilities explaining the 10 areas focused on.
Ohio Employment First Transition Framework Tools and Processes
The website offers tools that guide multiagency teams through agency-neutral, outcome-focused and person-centered planning processes for transition youth.
Resources on Community Support and Inclusion
This webpage gives a listing of journal articles and other resources that support community integration and community inclusion for people with disabilities. Most were created through the Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University between 1989-2006.
Social Participation and Rural/Vulnerable Communities: Does Asset Ownership Matter?
This paper is based on a comprehensive review of the relevant literature. It examines the impact of owning your own home on meaningful social inclusion.
Social Role Valorization website
This website provides information and some resources about Social Role Valorization (SRV). SRV was the theory on which Wolf Wolfensberger based his important work on improving services to people with IDD.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Adult Family Homes and Family Home Agencies
California has established Family Home Agencies as private organizations to recruit and approve Adult Family Homes, monitor and provide training. Homes support one or two adults with developmental disabilities in family residences as extended families.
Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD)
A national organization for the university centers which engage in research and education about a wide variety of disabilities issues.
Center for Disability Information and Referral
This Center is a primary source of quality information on disability for residents of Indiana.
Centers for Independent Living
This product is community centers that exist all around the United States, and World to assist persons with disabilities to leave institutions and live independently in the community. They are run by people with disabilities.
Community Connections
This program in Ohio helps people with disabilities become more involved in community activities.
Community Living - British Columbia (CLBC)
An examplary organization that provides community-based supports for people who have disabilities. It is located in British Columbia, Canada.
Federated Human Service Cooperative
This group helps people with disabilities and their families set-up local provider organizations. They have a helpful website and an online newsletter.
Inclusion Research Institute
A research and information center that shares ideas about recent innovations promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all types of settings.
Jay Nolan Community Services
A Calfornia agency for people with autism which closed 13 group homes.
An organization that helps people from England and Wales to live independently in their own homes. It also seeks to allow members to share their skills and talents with each other and with their communities.
KFI (Katahdin Friends, Inc.)
An award-winning agency in Maine known for providing individualized support.
Minnesota Association of Centers for Independent Living (MACIL)
MACIL is an organization dedicated to providing information about independent living and services available to Minnesotans that are provided by Minnesota's eight Centers for Independent Living (CILs).
Monadnock Developmental Services
A pioneering agency in supporting self-determination
Mountain Regional Services, Inc.
This Wyoming-based support provider has many services especially for people who have the dual diagnoses of intellectual/developmental, and mental health disability.
National Organization on Disability (NOD)
The mission of The National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.) is to expand the participation and contribution of Americaís 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life.
Neighbours, Inc.
This innovative agency based in New Jersey is known for helping people with disabilities set-up their own supports and become more included in the community.
Onondaga Community Living
This agency provides individualized supported living and supported employment services to people living in New York state.
Research and Training Center on Community Living
This Center is a national leader in creating and sharing knowledge that helps people with disabilities be active members of their communities.
Shared Support Maryland, Inc.
This agency takes pride in providing completely personalized support to over 40 individuals with significant developmental disabilities.
Social Development Partnerships Program-Disability Component
This Canadian government initiative supports full inclusion of people with disabilities.
Spectrum Society for Community Living
An organization in Vancouver, Canada that supports people with disabilities to live in, and be active members of their communities.
Supported Community Living program in Midland, Michigan
An award-winning approach to supporting persons with developmental disabilities toward full community inclusion
The IOD Bookstore
An online bookstore from the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability (UCEDD). There are many resources available for free or at a very low cost.
We Care A Lot Foundation
This Northern California organization offers many programs to help people with disabilities live good lives in the community. Some of their programs are led by self-advocates.
Michael Kendrick, Ph.D.
Michael Kendrick is an international consultant, author, speaker and leader in the field of disability.
The Community Support Skill Standards (CSSS) For Direct Service Workers in Human Services
A set of important skills for staff who support people in community human service settings.
People Who Can Help
Angela Amado
Angela Amado has conducted training throughout the U.S., Canada, and also in the Netherlands and Israel on person-centered planning, friendships between people with and without developmental disabilities, community building, self-determination, and per...
Mike Green
Mike works from a citizen-centered perspective with local people at the center. The focus is on two organizing questions: organizing local citizens and their allies to mobilize their local resources to work together to solve problems, and how agencies ...
Pam Walker
My research interests include community living, family supports, recreation, meaningful daytimes, and the social geography of disability.
Pat Fratangelo
Onondaga Community Living (OCL) is an organization that transitioned from providing group home services to personalized services. We provide personalized suports to adults with developmental disabilities in every type of service that we do, whether it ...
Patti Scott
I am the CEO and co-founder of Neighbours, Inc, an innovative organization providing self-directed supports to people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I regularly provide training and consultation on all aspects of organizational change (moving to self...
Peter Leidy
Peter Leidy is a speaker, consultant and writer on many issues involving disability. He also writes and sings funny songs about life in the human services system. Peter consults with individuals, families, organizations, counties, and states in ar...
Roger Stancliffe
Dr. Stancliffe is a specialist in reserach and evaluation of many aspects of community living. His interests include self-determination, (individualized) funding, supported living, Active Support, and costs. He has conducted many studies about cost-...

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