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Consumer-Directed Budgets and Supports
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Contains products that show how people with disabilities and their families are using individual budgets and other supports to be in charge of the services they receive.

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Managed by: Dennis Harkins (DWHarks@aol.com) of A Simpler Way, Madison, Wisconsin

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (29 Products)
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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
Consumer-Directed Personal Care Attendant Handbook
This manual is for DSPs who support consumers who direct their own care.
Costs and Outcomes of Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities
The main focus of this book is on community services in the USA, but there are also contributions from the UK and Australia.
Costs and Outcomes of Community Services for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Policy Research Brief)
This brief brought together available research on the costs and outcomes of community services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Crafting the Promise of Freedom: Tools of Self-Determination
This booklet introduces the concept of self determination as people with IDD having control over the money that pays for their supports.
Developing Individual Budgets and Reimbursement Levels Using the Supports Intensity Scale
This report describes recent progress in moving state developmental disability systems using HCBS waivers toward greater efficiency and equity.
Fact Sheet: Summary of Self-Determination by Michael Kennedy and Lori Lewin
This summarizes the meaning of self-determination. It was written by two self-advocates.
Filthy Lucre: Creating Better Value in Long Term Supports
This seminal article discusses issues of rate-setting and person-centered budgeting in support of self-determination
Forging A Partnership: Individualizing Funding and Increasing Choices for People with Developmental Disabilities in Dane County, Wisconsin
An overview of systems change that occurred in Dane County, Wisconsin designed to promote self-determination. It is now a historical document.
Foundations for Freedom: International Perspectives on Self-Determination and Individualized Funding
A report from a historic conference that was entitled "International Perspectives on Self-Determination and Individualized Funding."
Guaranteeing the Promise of Freedom: Creative Individual Budgeting
This is a workbook with tools to help people with disabilities create individual budget plans. You can download it as a PDF.
Having It Your Way: Understanding State Individual Budgeting Practices: NASDDS Individual Budgeting Study
This report summarizes the results of a study of state individual budget development practices conducted by the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS).
Hiring and Managing Personal Assistants
This book teaches self-advocates how to hire and manage the DSPs who assist them at home and at work. It can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Impact: Feature Issue on Consumer-Controlled Budgets and Persons with Disabilities
This newsletter is about how people with disabilities can lead better lives by having control over the money that pays for their services and supports. Though the information is dated, full text version is online for free.
Implementation of Consumer-Directed Services for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities
A summary of results from a study on the status of consumer-directed services across the United States. The study was conducted in 2006 and 2007.
In Community- Practical lessons in supporting isolated people to be part of community
This book explains how to help people with disabilities who are left out to become active members of their communities. It has stories and ideas from all over the world.
Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability
This Australian, academic journal publishes current research and opinions on positive changes to the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities.
Living Your Own Life With People You Can Count On
This booklet talks about how support teams can help in supporting self-determination.
Making the Move to Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services (PAS): A Toolkit for Youth with Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood
This is a guide for youth with disabilities who are getting ready to find their own place to live. It helps people learn how to manage Personal Assistance Services (PAS).
Microboards and Microboard Association Design, Development and Implementation
This seminal article describes how the concept and practices pertaining to microboards were developed.
Next Steps: The Journey So Far
This report explains what service providers in Ireland are learning about making the switch to providing individualized supports to people with disabilities.
Outcomes of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundationís National Initiative on Self-Determination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
This report summarizes the results from a nationwide program to help people with disabilities and their families take greater control of their services and supports.
Person-Centered Supports -- How Do States Make Them Work?
This report is a summary of an evaluation of person-centered practices in four leading states. You can download it as a PDF.
Support Brokerage Issues in Self-Directed Services
This report is about issues that can arise in support brokerage. You can download it as a PDF file.
Support, Service, and Satisfaction: Resolving Problems with Home Health, Personal Care and/or Homemaker Service Agencies
This brochure explains what to do if you are unhappy with your home care services, or if your rights are being violated. You can download it as a PDF.
Supporting the Promise of Freedom: The New Broker
A guide for support brokers that is one of a series developed by the Center for Self-Determination. You can download a copy for free.
The Right People for the Job (direct support tool)
This brief gives the basic information on how to recruit, assess, and select DSPs.
The Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Foundation Self Determination Initiative: Final Impact Assessment Report
This is the executive summary of the Human Services Research Institute's evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Self Determination initiative. You can download it as a PDF.
The Support Broker Manual - A Resource Guide
This book is for people who serve as Support Brokers for people with disabilities.
Web-based articles on Intellectual Disabilities:
This website has many articles that explain what intellectual disabilities are and how best to support and advocate for the people who have them.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
"Show Me the Money": Flexible Funding for Job Success
This web-based report tells the stories of people who used flexible funding to find and keep the jobs they want. Flexible funding is one part of self-determination.
Consumer Direction in Personal Assistance, Home Care Training
This is a video/CD for Personal Assistants supporting persons who direct their own care.
This website has information about programs, providers, and services for people with disabilities living in Massachusetts. It is meant to help people take control over their services.
Labor Force Expansion Through Retention Of Related Caregivers
This study explored the experiences of related caregivers, friends of family of the client. It sought to understand which related caregivers wanted to do this kind of work again.
My Life, My Choice
This DVD is about seven adults with disabilities who have taken their futures into their own hands.
Person-Centered Thinking: Supporting Self-Determination
This online video introduces the concepts of self-determination and person-centered planning. It will be helpful for case managers, service providers, and parents of children with disabilities.
This website connects DSPs with the people who have disabilities and families who need to hire them.
The SCAN Foundation National Fact Sheets
These fact sheets provide basic information on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of long‐term care.
Working Together: Personal Assistance Training and You
This website has information on hiring, training and working with a personal assistant.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Accessibility Answers
This agency helps people find resources once they have a CDCS budget set up. It is located in Minnesota.
Acumen Fiscal Agent, LLC
This agency helps persons with disabilities and their families use individual budgets to obtain the supports they want and need.
Applied Self-Direction
This organization provides technical assistance to states who are implementing self-directed support options.
Cash & Counseling
This term refers to programs that allow people with disabilities to have some control over the Medicaid money that pays for their supports.
Center for Self-Determination
This Center promotes self-determination for people with disabilities. They have both a website and a FaceBook page with a lot of information.
Community Guide Certificate Training Program, University of Georgia
This training program teaches the basic roles and responsibilities of a Community Guide in the state of Georgia. A community guide is someone who helps a person with disabilities to self-direct her/his services and supports.
This agency helps people who want to manage their own services. They can help set up microboards, cooperatives and other direct funding initiatives.
Federated Human Service Cooperative
This group helps people with disabilities and their families set-up local provider organizations. They have a helpful website and an online newsletter.
Financial Management Services/ Fiscal Employer Agent
A company which helps people and their families who have a self-determination budget.
IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct)
This program allows individuals to use public funds to create their own support and service plans.
Kentucky Consumer Directed Option
A program that allows Kentucky Medicaid waiver members to choose who provides their non-medical waiver services. Members can direct all or some of their waiver services.
Monadnock Developmental Services
A pioneering agency in supporting self-determination
National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services
A research center that helps state and local government agencies to develop and improve their participant-directed options.
Neighbours International
This is an innovative provider organization that specializes in helping people have control over their services. They are skilled at helping other agencies.
Public Partnerships, LLC Intermediary Service Organization
PPL's Intermediary Service Organization provides financial management services to persons with developmental disabilities who utilize individual budgets.
Reinventing Quality Conference
This national conference shares the best of what is happening in services for people with disabilities. It happens every two years and attracts a wide variety of audiences.
Tennessee Microboard Association
This statewide initiative helps people start microboards. It also helps with person-centered planning.
The Star Raft
This is a method of bringing people together to provide person-centered support.
Vela Microboard Association
This agency helps people from British Columbia have greater control over their services. That can mean setting up an individual budget or a microboard.
Online Forums
Caring for Lauren: A mother's journey as caregiver for a young woman with developmental disabilities.
This blog was written by the mother of Lauren-a young person with multiple disabilities. It shared the struggles and joys of caring for Lauren, and also self-direction from the caregiver viewpoint. The blog was discontinued in 2011, but is still powerful.
Linda Perry
Linda has over 35 years experience in supporting people with disabilities. She is the Executive Director of the Vela Microboard Association.
People Who Can Help
Patti Scott
I am the CEO and co-founder of Neighbours, Inc, an innovative organization providing self-directed supports to people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I regularly provide training and consultation on all aspects of organizational change (moving to self...
Ruthie Beckwith
Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Microboards Association, Inc. a statewide non-governmental organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities self-manage their services and supports. Prior to developing ...
Tom Nerney
Together with 17 other Center for Self-Determination Resource Guides we provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of self-determination including: developing highly personal individual budgets and plans; crafting Medicaid waivers that pr...

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