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Financial and Estate Planning
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A place to find information to help families and individuals manage finances, create an estate plan, and establish trusts which will not jeopardize governement benefits, adding quality and stability to the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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Managed by: Jack Styan (jack@rdspresource.ca) of RDSP Resource Centre

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (20 Products)
Electronic Media (5 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (10 Products)
People Who Can Help (1 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
14 Tips on How Parents Who Have a Child with a Disability Can Organize Their Estate
This fact sheet tells parents how to set up their estate for a child with a disability.
A Guidebook on Consumer Controlled Housing
A guidebook for consumers and families on selecting and controlling one's own housing through ownership and rental. You can view it online or download as a PDF file for free.
A Good Life - For You and Your Relative with a Disability
This book helps families plan for the future. It covers things like financial planning and guardianship alternatives.
A Home of Your Own Guide
This manual helps people with disabilities and families to understand what they need to do when preparing to buy a house.
After We’re Gone: A Christian Perspective on Estate and Life Planning for Families That Include a Dependent Member with a Disability
This book helps parents and families plan for the ongoing care of loved ones with disabilities. It is written from a Christian perspective.
Building a Better Economic Future: A Progress Report for Individuals with Disabilities & Their Families in America
This is a report about how research, programs and policies can help people with disabilities save money and build a strong asset base. The entire 100+ page report can be downloaded for free.
Estate Planning for People with a Chronic Condition or Disability
This book is about estate planning for people with disabilities or chronic illness.
Housing & Mortgages for People with Disabilities
This webpage has ideas to help persons with disabilities and their family members through the process of buying a home.
Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts: A Family Guide to SSI, Guardianship, and Estate Planning
This book is resource for parents of children with special needs and the professionals and advocates who assist them. The authors cover the essential elements of SSI, guardianship, and estate planning.
Letters of Intent Fact Sheet
This fact sheet is about how to create a letter of intent. Letters of intent are most often written by parents to share future hopes for a loved one with a disability. You can download it as a PDF file.
Managing a Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees - 2015 Edition
This is a guide for anyone who is managing a Special Needs Trust for a person with disabilities.
Mapping the Future: A Workbook to Prepare for the Future of Your Loved One with Special Needs
This is a workbook for parents/guardians. It asks many questions to help with planning for the future of their loved one with special needs. The completed workbook can be used as a "Letter of Intent."
One Step Ahead: Resource Planning for People with Disabilities Who Rely on Supplemental Security Income and Medical Assistance
This guide offers suggestions to people who receive Medicaid or SSI on ways to have money or property without risk of losing their benefits.
Parenting an Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs: Everything You Need to Know to Plan for and Protect Your Child's Future
This book is about the concerns parents have when their adult children with disabilities go out into the world, and what to do about addressing those concerns.
Planning Now: A Futures and Estate Planning Guide
This book helps families clarify important financial and legal issues, and develop a plan for the future.
Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child's Financial Future (Seventh Edition)
This book is about how to set up a special needs trust for your child or a loved one.
The Complete Guide to Creating a Special Needs Life Plan A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Life, Resource, Financial, and Legal Planning to Ensure a Brighter Future for a Person with a Disability
This book explains how to set up a special needs trust fund for someone with a disability.
The Future is Now: A Future Planning Training Curriculum for Families and Their Adult Relatives with Developmental Disabilities
This training curriculum gives families information about the future legal and financial issues for their adult relative.
The Road Map to the Future: A financial planning guide for families of people with disabilities
This workbook helps families understand a variety of issues when planning a secure financial and happy social future for a relative with a disability. While laws are specific to Saskatchewan, the ideas are universal.
The Special Needs Planning Guide: How to prepare for every stage of your child's life
This book is a financial planning guide useful for the parents of a child with a disability and service providers who support them.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
Cooperative Housing
A housing co-operative offers economical "shared" ownership of housing, and intentional community. Several co-operatives include members with disabilities, and others are in development with a commitment to inclusion.
Families Pinched By Cost of Special Needs Care
This Disability Scoop article explains how these costs are disproportionately affecting low-income families.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Registered Disability Savings Plan Website
This website explains the Registered Disability Savings Plan. This is a Canadian Government program for people with disabilities and their families. It helps them plan for their future financial security.
Wills, Trusts and Estates
An on-line class to write a will and set up an estate. After you take the class, you'll be ready to meet with your lawyer to do this. Included: how to decide who to leave money to, setting up an account, and choosing who will carry out your wishes.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Access Law Group Disability Trusts and Estate Planning
A group of lawyers in Canada that can help people with disabilities with trusts, estates and other legal services.
Cooperative Housing
A housing co-operative offers economical "shared" ownership of housing, and intentional community. Several co-operatives include members with disabilities, and others are in development with a commitment to inclusion.
Good Shepherd Fund
This nonprofit agency provides conservatorship/guardianship services to persons with developmental disabilities. They also assist families in setting up special needs trusts and with estate planning.
Mass Mutual Special Needs Planning
This program helps families plan for the future of a loved one with a disability. It helps with insurance and other money issues.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
This organization helps parents make sure their son or daughter with disabilities will have a great future.
Protected Tomorrows
This organization seeks to improve the lives of people with special needs through providing comprehensive life planning. They work with families one-to-one and also provide workshops.
Public Partnerships, LLC Intermediary Service Organization
PPL's Intermediary Service Organization provides financial management services to persons with developmental disabilities who utilize individual budgets.
Real Economic Impact (REI) Network
A nation wide initiative to help low-income persons with disabilities with tax preparation and other related strategies.
Sonoran UCEDD's Aging and Transitions Project
This research program sought to improve aging-related and end-of-life care for people with developmental disabilities.
People Who Can Help
Al Etmanski
Al Etmanski is the President of A Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, committed to meaningful and good lives for people with disabilities. He assists individuals and families in life-long planning including estate planning, guardianship alternatives,...

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