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Cultural Diversity
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Contains resources for supporting people in identifying, honoring, and respecting the cultural preferences of the people they serve, their families, and staff.

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
2014 Health Resources Directory for Diverse Cultural Communities
This is a directory of service providers in Minnesota for clients from diverse backgrounds This 2014 edition has expanded coverage of vision, dental, and mental health resources.
A Pattern of Silent Tears
This is the first novel by a Latina woman who has cerebral palsy. It is about women in Costa Rica and their struggle to survive among people reluctant to give up suffocating traditions of male oppression and strict interpretation of religious doctrine.
A Personal Matter
This semi-autobiographical novel describes a man's struggle to come to terms with the coming birth of his son, who will have a disability. While Oe is Japanese, his story's discussion of internal struggle in the face of life changing events is universal.
ASD and Culture: LEND Brief
This research brief looks at the role of culture when helping families who have members with autism spectrum disorder.
Assuring Health Equity for Minority Persons with Disabilities: A Statement of Principles and Recommendations
This report is about the health disabilities felt by people of color with disabilities.
Conflicting Beliefs (Case Study)
This case study addresses ethical issues surrounding end-of-life care for people with disabilities. It is available online and can be used to train health care providers.
Cross-Cultural Quality of Life: Enhancing the Lives of People With Intellectual Disability
This book looks at how quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities may be defined differently based on culture.
Culture and Disability: Providing Culturally Competent Services
This book explains the best ways to provide services to people with disabilities from seven different cultures.
Developing Cross-Cultural Competence A Guide for Working with Children and Their Families, Fourth Edition
This book is about supporting families from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Disability and Religious Diversity: Cross-Cultural and Interreligious Perspectives
This book is about culture, disability, and religion.
Educating Policymakers to Support Disability & Culturally Diverse Community Issues
This presentation encouraged people with disabilities and people of color to advocate with one voice. It also had tips for talking with policymakers. It was given at the 2014 TASH conference.
Family Experiences with Long-term Supports and Services for Family Members
This data brief reviewed how families felt about the in-home supports they were receiving. The data showed that a family's cultural background made a difference in how satisfied they were with services.
From the edges to the center: Disability, Battlestar Galactica, and fan fiction
A journal article about how disability is portrayed in television shows such as Battlestar Galactica and in works written by fans of these television shows.
Health and Health Care Disparities Among People with Disabilities
This issue brief discusses the racially-based differences in access to health care among people with disabilities. You can download it for free as a PDF file.
Health Disparities Chart Book on Disabilities and Racial and Ethnic Status in the United States
This report compares the health status of people with disabilities to that of people of racial and ethnic minority status. You can download it as a PDF file.
Literature Review on Attitudes towards Disability
This report summarizes the results from a survey of attitudes toward people with disabilities, and places them in the context of the literature. The survey was taken in Ireland in 2006.
Meeting the Needs of Diverse Family Caregivers
This report is about the issues faced by African American and Hispanic family caregivers when people are admitted to the hospital and how they can be supported when people go home. The full text can be downloaded as a PDF file.
MultiCultural Aspects of Disabilities: A Guide to Understanding and Assisting Minorities in the Rehabilitation Process - Second Edition
This book is about how the rehabilitation process feels for people from many different cultures. It is written for professionals.
Multiculturalism and Disability: A Collection of Resources and Issues
This scholarly paper discusses disability through a cultural lens.You can read it online.
Native American Developmental Disabilities Needs Assessment
A report on the availability of services and supports for American Indians and Alaska Natives with developmental disabilities and their families. It can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: Facing Dying and Loss
This chapter is included in a book about how culture affects end-of-life care.
Race, Culture and Disability: Rehabilitation Science and Practice
This book is about providing rehabilitation services that honor peoples' cultural backgrounds.
Reaching Out to People with Learning Disabilities and Their Families from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities; Guidance for Families of People with Learning Disabilities and Practitioners in Developing Culturally Competent Planning
This booklet is about including culture into person centered planning.
Resource Guide for Serving Refugees with Disabilities
This resource guide describes how people with disabilities are integrated into American society. It also has information on the many federal programs that can help.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Speaking Up for Myself (From the "Books Beyond Words" series)
This book uses a story with drawings to explain what it is like to have a disability, AND be from a minority culture. It also tells about what helps, is easy to understand and can be read together with a helper.
The Broken Cord
This book tells the true story of Adam who grew up with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. it is written by his adoptive father.
The Power of Diversity: Supporting the Immigrant Workforce
This curriculum assists supervisors and other agency staff find, support, and retain immigrant workers. It includes a Facilitator Guide and a Learner Guide.
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures
A book about a clash between a Hmong family and the American medical community over a child with seizures. The story deals with some fundamental issues surrounding Western medicine and cultural traditions and beliefs.
Toward the Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities: Examining the Accessibility of Overseas Facilities and Programs Funded by the United States
This report looks at United States programs that help people in other countries. It provides ways for these programs to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.
Transition Planning for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Youth
This book is about assisting students of different cultures as they transition from school to adult life.
Understanding Diversity: An Introduction to Class, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Disability, 2nd Edition
This book helps people think about diversity. It is written as a college textbook.
Understanding Families: Supportive Approaches to Diversity, Disability, and Risk - Second Edition
This book talks about the things that makes each family unique. It also covers how those differences matter when one family member has a disability.
What’s A Leg Got To Do With It?: Black, Female and Disabled in America
This scholarly paper is about being a Black female with a disability.
Women with Intellectual Disabilities: Finding a place in the world
This book explains issues for women with intellectual disabilities.
Your Values, My Values
This book describes various ways to support people from different cultures. There are stories about seven people from different cultures, nationalities, and races. Exercises help to learn how to support others with different beliefs and values.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Place for All: Faith and Community for Persons with Disabilities
This film is about making faith communities accessible to persons with disabilities.
Beyond Borders
This film tells the stories of three people who have disabilities. Each has a different type of disability, comes from a different culture, and is at a different stage in life. All now live in Belgium.
Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Implications for Services & Supports for Individuals with DD
This CD is about delivery of culturally sensitive services to people who have both intellectual disabilities and mental health diagnoses.
Cultural and Linguistic Competence Assessment for Disability Organizations
A tool to help organizations learn how well they consider cultural and language differences. It was developed for organizations that support people with disabilities.
Difference is Normal
This is a music video about people with disabilities. Its purpose is to introduce awareness of disability into the Arab world in a creative way.
Disability Diversity and Society
This short article shows that being a person with a disability AND a cultural minority group member often means unemployment.
Far from the Sun
This film is about a family from Argentina who immigrates to the United States in hopes for a better life. The story is told through the eyes of a son who has Down syndrome.
Long Term Services and Supports in Indian Country
This website provides step-by-step information to create long term services and supports in tribal communities.
Love Limits
This documentary film is an exploration of two people's individual stories and their life together. Though very different in age and background, they share the same disability.
Microtraining DVDs (for therapists)
These DVDs teach therapists the best ways to help people who have disabilities. Topics include cultural diversity, sexuality, and disability etiquette.
Muslimah Next Door (Blog)
A blog by an American Muslim who has a son with autism. Her blog posts are about faith, family and autism.
Not Forgotten
A documentary film that tells true stories of shame and rejection of children with autism in the Ukraine. It highlights the lack of services and struggles for the families.
Raising Renee
This film is about Renee, who has an intellectual disability, and her sister Beverly who decides to help Renee after their mother dies.
Responding to Diversity (and Respecting Differences) DVD
This DVD is about how to be with others who have different cultural backgrounds. It is a companion to other DVDs about disability.
Shattered Lives: A Study of Autism
This film uses case studies of infants, children, teens and adults to explain autism all across the spectrum. You can watch it online for free or purchase a copy through Amazon.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Source: International Online Resource Centre on Disability and Inclusion
A website that provides free access to information about disability and inclusion from around the world. It is intended for practitioners and academics.
Strategies for Developing and Sustaining Partnerships with Underrepresented Communities
This webinar is about creating relationships with underrepresented communities, including people with disabilities. A recording and the slides are available to view online for free.
The Family Life & Disability Series: Answers for people with disabilities & their families
This website has ideas, and information about help available to people with disabilities at each stage in life. It is written to help Native American families.
The Role of Self-Assessment in Achieving Cultural & Linguistic Competence
This webinar was about why organizations should look at how well they meet the needs of people from different cultures. You can watch it all online for free.
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's webpage on the inclusion of people with disabilities
This webpage offers resources on being inclusive of those with disabilities in the Jewish religion.
We Will Not Be Hidden
This film is about the lives of Muslim Americans who have a disability. You can watch it for free on YouTube.
Wretches & Jabberers
This film is about two men who have autism and limited speech. They travel around the world talking with people about their views of autism.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Denver Metro Community Parent Resource Center
This organization supports parents from under-represented groups in understanding their child's disability. It provides them with information so they can become stronger advocates.
This is an organization for women with disabilities who are lesbian. It is located in California.
Mack Nez Johnson Jr., Original Mouthstick Art
Mack Nez Johnson Jr. is a Native American man who was in an accident and now uses a wheelchair. He creates paintings using a mouthstick.
Microtraining DVDs (for therapists)
These DVDs teach therapists the best ways to help people who have disabilities. Topics include cultural diversity, sexuality, and disability etiquette.
Source: International Online Resource Centre on Disability and Inclusion
A website that provides free access to information about disability and inclusion from around the world. It is intended for practitioners and academics.
TASH’s Diversity and Cultural Competency in Disability Advocacy Initiative
In 2010, TASH began an initiative to become more inclusive of people from minority cultural groups. It led to a resolution shared with five other national organizations to make the disability advocacy community more culturally diverse.
This is What Disability Looks Like
This FaceBook page shows many images of people with disabilities living life. It counters the idea that disability is either a tragedy or an inspiration.
Leroy Moore
Leroy Moore is an African-American man who has a disability. He is also an artist and does presentations on disability and race.
People Who Can Help
Shri Rao
Dr. Rao is currently a faculty member at the Department of Special Education, Language and Literacy at The College of New Jersey. Her areas of interest are inclusive education, positive behavioral supports and working with culturally diverse families....

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