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Visual and Performing Arts
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Lists programs that support the expression of interest and skills in the visual and performing arts, such as painting, ceramics, theater, and dance.

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Managed by: Howard Miller (howardjmiller@msn.com)

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (13 Products)
Electronic Media (61 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (39 Products)
Other (8 Products)
People Who Can Help (1 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Guide to Setting Up a Creative Art Experiences Program for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This is a guide to setting up a creative art experiences program for older adults with developmental disabilities. It includes 15 ready-to-use activity plans and you can download it as a PDF.
A Room of Golden Shells
This book has art and creative writing done by people who have Down Syndrome.
Arts and Disabilities: Establishing the Creative Arts Center for People with Disabilities
This book contains everything a person or group might need to start and Arts Center (visual arts) for artists with developmental disabilities. Everything from starting out to materials to buy, and how to get them cheap is in this book.
Assistive Listening Devices for People with Hearing Loss - A Guide for Performings Arts Settings
This booklet is a simple guide for cultural arts venues on assistive listening devices.
Cow Tipping Press
Cow Tipping Press cultivates authors with developmental disabilities, giving readers a new way to think about this rich form of human diversity.
Developmental Drama: Dramatherapy Approaches for People with Profound or Severe Multiple Disabilities, Including Sensory Impairment
This book is about helping people with significant disabilities to become involved in the arts.
Disability Culture Rap
This award-winning film shows who people with disabilities really are.
Group Music Activities for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This book has musical activities for adults who have intellectual disabilities.
Kennedy Center Tipsheets on Cultural Access
These tipsheets explain best practices for making theaters, museums and other cultural facilities and programs accessible to patrons and visitors with disabilities.
Music for Special Kids: Musical Activities, Songs, Instruments and Resources
This book has many activities that use music to teach kids important skills. The activities are engaging and lots of fun.
PARTnerships provides people with disabilities who have problems finding paid employment a chance to earn money as artists.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Wings to Fly: Bringing Theatre Arts to Students with Special Needs
This is a handbook for special education and drama teachers with the nuts and bolts on bringing theatre arts to students with special needs.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
"Talk" (Part 1 and 2)
These funny videos show a person without a disability being in the minority. You can watch them on YouTube.
3rd Son, Fourth Brother
This short music video features two brothers, one of whom has Down syndrome.
A New Kind of Listening
This film tells the story of a young actor who has disabilities and cannot speak. He finds a way to talk with others for the first time as part of being in a play. He is part of a theater group that includes actors with and without disabilities.
Acting Normal
This film is a documentary about people who attend a performing arts studio for people with disabilities.
After Purgatory? Photographic Collages
This photo collage series represents individual and shared experiences of of artists with disabilities in todayís disability services system.
Against These Walls
This music video features a man with Down syndrome.
An Animated Introduction to Asperger Syndrome
In this short film, young people explain what it is like to live with Asperger syndrome. The entire film can be seen on YouTube or purchased as a DVD.
Autism: The Musical
This documentary film follows children with autism and their families as the children collaborate to create a musical. You can purchase it as a DVD.
Begin to Grow
This funny film has eight actors who have developmental disabilities. It is 26-minutes long and you can watch it online for free.
Big City Dick: Richard Peterson's first movie
This film tells the true story of a man with significant disabilities who is an excellent trumpet player. His talents have made him famous throughout Seattle, yet he lives a difficult life in poverty.
A film that shows a community of workers with intellectual disabilities who make bread to be delivered to shops and cafes.
Breaking Boundaries
This film is about a young adult with severe autism, Alex is functionally non-verbal and makes what we in the verbal world call art.
A short film about Benny Jackson and his quest to save his family business, Bulletproof Jacksons Saloon.
By Any Other Name
This film shows a friendship between a man who has Down syndrome and his co-worker. You can watch a preview online.
Can We Talk, Ben Stiller?
A self-advocate uses YouTube to talk about why the movie "Tropic Thunder" was hurtful to people with disabilities. The "R" word was used often in this film, and Ben Stiller was the director and lead actor.
Crip Culture Montage
This online video challenges disability stereotypes.
Dancing with Downs
This movie is about a dance troop made up of people who have Down Syndrome. It is located in Spain.
Debbie Dreams
This short film shows a dream sequence of a young woman with disabilities named Debbie.
Dennis' Revenge
This film is about a man with Down syndrome who does bad things. It shows that people with disabilities can have the same problems as everyone else.
Difference is Normal
This is a music video about people with disabilities. Its purpose is to introduce awareness of disability into the Arab world in a creative way.
Disability Culture Rap
This award-winning film shows who people with disabilities really are.
Doin' It: Sex, Disability, & Videotape
The Empowered Fe Fe's is a group of young women with disabilities from Chicago. They created a film about being a teenager and having a disability.
Dream Lover
This movie is about Seth, a shy man with developmental disabilities. He lives in a group home with Linda, a woman he loves from afar.
A short film that features children and adults who have Down syndrome talking about their dreams and what they're proud of in their lives. You can watch it on YouTube.
Dreams of an Autistic Playwright
This DVD shares a play written by a young man about his experiences with autism. He shared the story with mom using facilitated communication.
Fair Play
This is a film about a group of people with disabilities who performed a play. The play was about parents who needed to make difficult choices when they learned their unborn child had disabilities.
For Dorian
This short film is about a father who worries about his son, a young man with Down syndrome who is discovering his sexuality.
Go For It
This short poem is written and performed by a person with an intellectual disability. It is about exercising and can be watched online.
A short film that follows Hannah a young dancer and athlete who has Down syndrome.
Heavy Load
A documentary film that follows a band from England that has members with and without intellectual disabilities.
How do I feel about that?
In this online video, a self-advocate shares his feelings about community opposition to the development of small group homes.
I Go Down
This music video offers a description of life with Autism. The person who wrote and performed the song is David Andrews, a man who has Autism.
Iím Painting Some Imagination
This Swedish film is about two artists who have intellectual disabilities.
James Castle: Portrait of an Artist
This is a film about the life of James Castle, a man who was born deaf, but refused to read, write, sign or finger-spell. Instead he communicated through art and has gained world recognition as an artist
John and Michael
This film is an animated love story about two men with Down Syndrome. It explores the themes of love, loss and healing. You can watch the entire 10 minute film online.
King Gimp
This documentary spans 13 years in the life of Dan Keplinger, an artist with cerebral palsy. It won an Academy Award.
King of Camp
This video tells the story of Viru, a self-proclaimed music buff, and how he survived his first day at summer camp. The acting and musical performances feature people with developmental disabilities.
Cameron Lasley (aka Laz-D) is a rap artist who has Down syndrome.
Loose contact
A film about a slowly developing intimacy between two shy people with developmental disabilities (Filmed in German with English subtitles).
Love and Kisses DVD
This DVD teaches about relationships. It has actors who have disabilities and uses some humor.
Motion Disabled
These digital films depict the body movements of people who are physically different. Motion Disabled has been exhibited internationally.
My Classic Life as an Artist
This documentary film is about the life of an artist who has autism.
My White Shirt
This film is about a man named Rob who has Down Syndrome. He is an actor who sometimes deals with grief.
This video features modern dancers who have Down syndrome.
Nothing to Fear
This video tells a story of a film crew caught behind the scenes during the making of a vampire film. It was written and filmed by a group of people who have developmental disabilities.
Out of Our Minds
This film follows an Australian theater group made up of people with intellectual disabilities.
Outsider: The Life and Art of Judith Scott
A film about a woman who is a world famous artist. She also has Down Syndrome, is deaf and doesn't speak.
PARTnerships provides people with disabilities who have problems finding paid employment a chance to earn money as artists.
Reel Talk
This video is a mock weekly television show bringing the latest news, interviews, commercials, movie reviews and commentary. The script was written by self-advocates who play in all the acting roles
Robert Perske: Street-Court-Prison Worker and Advocate
This website is about the work of Robert and Martha Perske. Robert has spent many years advocating for people with disabilities caught in the criminal justice system.
This 29-minute film is about a friendship between a young man and a young woman. Justin has autism and Lyndsy who is Justin's art student has a condition called Polymyositis. You can watch the entire film online for free.
Simon Illa - The Super Producer
This is an online article about Simon Illa. Mr. Illa is a hip-hop music producer who has a disability.
Sprout Poetic Shorts
These short videos have poetry written and performed by people who have disabilities. They can be viewed on YouTube.
Stranger Hero
This is a series featuring a super hero who is a man with Down Syndrome. All three episodes are on YouTube.
Street Anthem
A music video performed by Hip Hop artist LAZ D who has Down syndrome. He performs his music against the backdrop of crime scenes, parking garages, and the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon.
This music video features a movement piece performed by several dancers who have Down syndrome. The relaxing music is done by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros
The Interviewer
This short film is about a man waiting to be interviewed a prestigious law firm who is surprised to find that his interviewer has Down syndrome.
The Office that Overslept
A short film created by an artist with Down Syndrome and animated by his father. The film is funny and you can watch it at youtube.com.
The Punk Syndrome
This film is about a popular Finish punk rock band. All of the members have developmental disabilities.
The Puzzle Club: Brain Injury Survivors Talk
This award winning play discusses what it is like to live with a brain injury from the survivor's perspective. It does this by sharing the stories of thirteen survivors who have formed a weekly support group called "The Puzzle Club." They live in Montana.
This short film is about a 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome and her interest in sex.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Alma Quenemoen Art
Alma Quenemoen is a woman with Down syndrome who is a talented artist. Her paintings are available for purchase on her website.
Anjali Dance Company
The Anjali Dance Company is a professional troupe and all the dancers are people who have disabilities.
Art for All
These art shows feature the work of artists with disabilities.
Art Mentorship with Sara Hanson
Sara Hanson-visual artist, art instructor, mentor and advocate for people with disabilities is offering a one-on-one mentorship program for children, youth and adults at all skill levels. Waiver Funding or Private Pay.
Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.)
A program that allows people with disabilities to express themselves through art.
ArtsWORK Indiana
This program is set up to help artists with disabilities get their careers started. It is located in Indiana.
BrightLights Theatre School
This inclusive theatre company is located in the United Kingdom. They have many videos of their work on Youtube.
Cow Tipping Press
Cow Tipping Press cultivates authors with developmental disabilities, giving readers a new way to think about this rich form of human diversity.
Carla Sramek hosts art exhibitions and has created a movie restaurant that showcases student films, music and art. She lives in California.
DK Arts
This arts company is owned by Dylan Kuehl, a young man with Down syndrome. One of its gooals is to create a dance company with people of mixed abilities.
Embrace Arts
A university-based art center whose mission is to be fully inclusive of everyone. It is located in the United Kingdom
This is an organization for women with disabilities who are lesbian. It is located in California.
Fanlight Productions
This organization is a leading distributor of new film and video works on the social issues of our time. They have many films on people with disabilities.
Gateway Arts
This Arts Center in Boston helps people with disabilities become professional artists.
Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
An arts center located in St. Paul, MN, featuring artists with and without developmental disabilities.
Kerri Quirk, Artist
Kerri Quirk is an artist with an exceptional gift for color, design, and pattern. She has started her own business selling art and teaching classes.
Mack Nez Johnson Jr., Original Mouthstick Art
Mack Nez Johnson Jr. is a Native American man who was in an accident and now uses a wheelchair. He creates paintings using a mouthstick.
Mike Bush and the Allstars Band
This is a band from Kentucky that is lead by Mike Bush, a person who has Down syndrome.
National Arts and Disability Center
A national information center on the arts, and people with disabilities
National Institute of Arts and Disabilities
An organization, and website that supports the work of artists with developmental disabilities.
Partners for Youth with Disabilities
This Boston-based agency runs mentoring programs for youth with disabilities. One focuses on theatre, another on learning about business, and another on healthy living.
Performing Arts Studio West
This is a performing arts studio for people with developmental disabilities in Los Angeles. They provide training, career management, and on location support to help actors in film, television and commercials.
Positive Exposure
An arts organization that uses photography to show the physical beauty of persons with disabilities. It is working to help everyone see how disabilities are making people beautiful in ways that most people do not notice, or think of as strange or ugly.
Project Ability
This visual arts program is located in Scotland. It supports children and adults with disabilities to discover and develop their creativity.
Pyramid Inc. Art Program
This employment provider offers arts program for adults with developmental disabilities. They have classes in visual and performing arts, as well as computers and nutrition.
Reel Life Disability Film Festivals
These film festivals welcome films created by people with any disability. They are held around the United States and celebrate the culture of disability.
Revere Dance Studio
This dance studio offers free classes for people who use wheelchairs, as well as specific classes for children on the autism spectrum. It is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sensory Friendly Films program
This program offered by AMC movie theaters makes their environment more accepting and comfortable for people with autism and other disabilities.
Shoot Your Mouth Off
This company makes films about issues important to self-advocates, and the actors are the people with disabilities who wrote the scripts. It is located in the United Kingdom.
Spotlight Studios
This online art gallery promotes a community of international artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It raises awareness and provides space for artists to show and sell their work.
Sprout Film Festival
A film festival that showcases films by, for, and about people with developmental disabilities
Stepping Stone Community Theater, Inc.
An inclusive theater company in Worcester, Massachusetts
This is an annual film festival held in San Francisco. All of the films featured are about people with disabilities.
The Arts of Life
An arts community in Chicago of adults with developmental disabilities.
The International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers (IGODAP)
This is an organization of artists and performers who have a disability. It includes people from around the world.
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center: Art
This is an Art Center that sponsors exhibits of art by and about people with disabilities.
VSA (Kennedy Center)
This program promotes the development of artists with disabilities.
Welcome Change Productions
A film company that tells people's stories. They have made two films about people with disabilities. One was shown on HBO, the other on PBS.
Zeno Mountain Farm
This organization runs acting, music, sports and other themed camps for people with and without disabilities.
Jeff Moyer Music and Services
Mr. Moyer creates music and does presentations promoting inclusive schools and communities.
JennyLU Designs
This small company sells stationery, notepads, pens, t-shirts, calendars, hats and magnets decorated with creative, original artwork. It is owned by Jenny Unrein, a talented artist who has Williams Syndrome
Jerry Smith
Jerry produces documentary films and training programs in support of people with disabilities and their allies. Please visit our website to view sample movies.
Cameron Lasley (aka Laz-D) is a rap artist who has Down syndrome.
Leroy Moore
Leroy Moore is an African-American man who has a disability. He is also an artist and does presentations on disability and race.
Life's Unlimited Zenith, LLC
A company owned by Luz Aponte, artist, trainer and advocate. She creates many products to sell, including greeting cards with inspirational messages. Luz also provides training in many areas, like the inclusion of everyone in events and activities.
Married Life
This is the poets view of what married life will be like for her.
Rudely Interrupted
This is a band from Australia. Five out of the six band members have disabilities.
People Who Can Help
Steve Holmes
I am the director of the Self-Advocacy Associations of New York State, and have been for the last 12 years. I have worked with and for people with developmental disabilities since 1969 when I was an attendant at a state institution--yes it was a horr...

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