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Contains products concerning skills and competencies, training practices, effective programs, and curriculum materials needed for training direct support personnel.

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Managed by: Barb Kleist (kleis041@umn.edu) of Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2nd Edition
This is a textbook with a broad range of information about people with intellectual disabilities. It also has information helpful to family members, educators, social workers, researchers, and health professionals.
A Training Manual for Direct Care Staff
A book to help DSPs better understand the sexual behavior of the people they support.
Abuse and Neglect Prevention Systems: Evaluation and Implementation Guide
This is a curriculum on responding to abuse and neglect. It is based on the 7 Key Components as developed by CMS.
Australasian Code of Ethics for Direct Support Professionals
A guide for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) on how to work in the best interests of people with disability, especially where difficult decisions have to be made and people's values and priorities are challenged or questioned.
Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z: Assessment, Diagnosis, and More
This book is a resource guide for symptoms, definitions, assessments and diagnoses of the variety of autism spectrum disorders. It has information for parents and professionals, and is also available in Spanish.
Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity
This book is a comprehensive guide to the perspectives and effective strategies that lead to successful placement results.
California Direct Support Professional Training Curriculum
A two-year curriculum for those who work in residential care environments.
Camcorder In the Classroom: Using the Videocamera to Enliven Curriculum
This book teaches trainers new ways to use video cameras to help people learn important information.
Combating Violence and Abuse of People With Disabilities
This book is written to DSPs and other professionals about preventing abuse.
Consent Handbook for Self-Advocates and Support Staff
This workbook for self-advocates and support staff provides tools to understand and implement crticial life decisions.
Consumer-Directed Personal Care Attendant Handbook
This manual is for DSPs who support consumers who direct their own care.
Developmental Drama: Dramatherapy Approaches for People with Profound or Severe Multiple Disabilities, Including Sensory Impairment
This book is about helping people with significant disabilities to become involved in the arts.
Equity and Full Participation for Individuals with Severe Disabilities
This book prepares professionals to strengthen supports and services for people with disabilities across the lifespan.
Essentials for Evaluation: Info-Line
This booklet outlines the basics for evaluating training programs.
Everyday Heroes
This video and curriculum tells stories about direct support professionals. They show how DSPs made it possible for people with disabilities to become more involved in their communities.
Fire Safety
This DVD and workbook show the right way to prevent accidents. It is written for DSPs working in either residential or day settings.
Fire Safety Training DVD and Curriculum
This fire safety training DVD comes with an 84-page staff training curriculum.
Friends: Connecting people with disabilities and community members
This manual has many ideas to help people with disabilities increase community membership and friendships. There are also many activities for staff training.
Getting Life
A fictional story of a young woman with cerebral palsy who lived in a nursing home. She takes the steps necessary to live independently.
Getting Ready to Help: A primer on interacting in human service
This book has advice for DSPs on the best ways to communicate and build relationships with the people they support.
How to Teach Daily Living Skills to Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This book shows how to help people who have intellectual disabilities learn to care for themselves. It can be purchased in print or as an e-book.
Icebreakers: Info-Line
This booklet offers ideas for using ice breakers during presentations.
Impact: Feature Issue on Supporting Success in School and Beyond for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
This newsletter is about supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can download it for free as a PDF.
In Our Words ....
This report is from Vermont self-advocates. They suggest training priorities for new DSPs.
Individual Positive Behavior Supports
This graduate-level text is an authoritative PBS primer for professionals preparing for work in educational and community-based settings.
Individualized Positive Behavior Support
This fact sheet is about planning positive ways to support people who use challenging behavior. You can download it as a PDF file in either English or Spanish.
Intellectual Disability Mental Health First Aid Manual 2nd edition
This booklet teaches how to respond to mental health issues in people who have intellectual disabilities
Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability
This Australian, academic journal publishes current research and opinions on positive changes to the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities.
Make a Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support
This book and curriculum supports action-learning about relationship building, planning with people in a person-centered way, supporting choice, & building community inclusion.
Mental health fact sheet
This fact sheet is about noticing mental health challenges in people who have ntellectual disabilities. You can download it as a PDF file.
Minnesota Self-Determination DSP Training Modules
A set of training modules to teach DSPs how to support the self-determination of people with disabilities. These modules are most useful in residential programs and have many activities.
National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics guides the work of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).
Nonviolent Communication: A language of life (3rd edition)
This book introduces nonviolent communication which is useful to de-escalate people who use challenging behavior. It comes from a Center which has many other resources for those interested.
Peer mentoring: A workshop series for direct-care workers in home and residential care
This training material is designed to prepare veteran direct care workers to become mentors. It focuses on three skill areas: leadership, communication, and problem-solving.
Pennsylvania Dual Diagnosis Direct Support Curriculum Training Summaries
This training curriculum is for direct support individuals to learn about supporting individuals with dual diagnosis.
Personnel Preparation in Disability and Community Life: Toward Universal Approaches to Support
This book is for the development of new courses, seminars, and training on the participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.
Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum, Third Edition
This train-the-trainer curriculum teaches the values and practices of positive behavior support.
Positive Behavior Supports For Adults With Disabilities In Employment, Community, And Residential Settings: Practical Strategies That Work
This non-technical book was written for Direct Support Professionals. It gives information about providing positive behavior supports for adults with disabilities in community, residential, and vocational settings.
Quality in Practice: Respect
This fact sheet helps DSPs and agencies best support people in a respectful manner.
Quandaries: Understanding mental illnesses in persons with developmental disabilities
This book explores the differences between mental health and mental illness in persons with developmental disabilities. It is appropriate reading for support staff and other professionals.
Service, Support and Success: The Direct Support Worker Newsletter
This online newsletter provides helpful articles and information for Direct Support Professionals.
Sexuality and Developmental Disabilities Curriculum
This curriculum is used for teaching sexuality education to adults with developmental disabilities. There are 20 lesson plans with handouts and teaching tools, as well as a manual for setting up sexuality education classes.
Shift Happens: Making the Shift to Proactive Behavior Management
A book to help staff learn how to be proactive rather than reactive toward challenging behavior.
Simply for the Love of It: A Beginner's Guide to Support Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
A book for direct support professionals which is designed to serve as a "primer" for working with individuals with disabilities in a very person-centered manner.
Staff Retention: Retaining staff in the field of developmental disabilities
This is a training curriculum for managers.
Stop The Violence, Break The Silence Training guide
This training program is about domestic and caregiver abuse and its impact on people with disabilities. It seems targeted to crisis counselors and law enforcement staff but may also be helpful to DSPs.
Successful Orientation Programs: Info-line
This short guide is about employee orientation programs.
Systematic Instruction Of Functional Skills For Students And Adults With Disabilities
This textbook has ideas for teaching people with disabilities skills they can use.
The Ethics of Touch: Establishing and Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries in Service to People with Developmental Disabilities
This curriculum is for those who provide direct care to people with developmental disabilities. It includes a DVD and workbook.
The International Journal of Disability, Community and Rehabilitation (IJDCR)
This online journal publishes research articles from around the world on the issues of people with disabilities. Anyone can read the articles online for free.
The Knowledge and Skills for Social Care Workers series
This series of six books is helpful to DSPs who work in residential settings.
The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement, 2nd Edition
This book teaches readers how to support people with disabilities to have full and meaningful lives.
The Right Start: Preparing direct-care workers to provide home- and community-based care
This report made training recommendations for the growing number of DSPs who were providing support in peoples homes.
The SEIU 775 Long-Term Care Training, Support & Career Development Network: A Blue Print for the Future
This paper describes the vision for a staff development network to be initiated in Washington state by a large labor union. It was to provide training, on-the-job support, and career development services for DSPs who supported people in their homes.
The Team Memory Jogger: A pocket guide for team members
This book offers advice to staff members on how to work together as a team.
Through the Eyes of Aliens
This book talks about how it feels to have autism. It is written by a woman with that label.
Training Person-Centered Planning Facilitators: A Compendium of Ideas
This manual has resources for training people to facilitate Person Centered Planning meetings.
Training Quality Home Care Workers
This report suggests a training program that will reduce turnover among DSPs. It's author is an advocacy group.
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Tip Sheets and Resources
A set of one-page fact sheets about many topics related to disability. They are intended for individuals and families with and without disabilities, service providers, students and trainees.
Web-based articles on Intellectual Disabilities:
This website has many articles that explain what intellectual disabilities are and how best to support and advocate for the people who have them.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Brief Video Introduction to PBS
This 6 minute YouTube video explains the basics of Positive Behavior Support.
A Credo for Support: People First Version
This powerful video offers suggestions for people who support someone with a disability. It asks viewers to question common views of disability, professionalism, and support.
A Guide to Being A Companion Homemaker: Roles & Responsibilities DVD
This DVD is about providing services to people in their homes. It focuses on the needs of older persons.
A Review of Mental Health Disorders in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
This CD is about mental health disorders.
Abuse and Neglect of Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This CD-Rom has training for DSPs.
An Intro to Psychotic Disorders for Direct Support Professionals
This CD is about mental illness and people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.
Assessment of Mental Health Problems
This CD is a training on mental health needs.
Balancing Choice and Risk
This DVD is about allowing people to have choices and risks in their lives.
CEU Certificates- Online Provider Training
Ceucertificates.com provides self-paced online continuing education, for caregivers and professionals serving people with developmental disabilities. Courses for Ohio Medicaid Waiver providers contain topics required for DODD initial and annual training.
Citizen-Centered Leadership Development
This online class is about helping people with disabilities become full citizens of the communities where they live.
College of Direct Support
This on-line College has many training opportunities for people who provide direct support to individuals with developmental disabilities.
College of Frontline Supervision and Management
This online training program helps frontline supervisors, managers, and others in organizational leadership roles, learn about critical issues such as recruitment and retention of DSPs, staff performance and training and interventions plans.
Consumer Direction in Personal Assistance, Home Care Training
This is a video/CD for Personal Assistants supporting persons who direct their own care.
Conversations that Matter
This website has many short video presentations about person-centered planning and supports. They have been done by experts in the field.
DDA 101: Training for Providers
This online training is prepared by the state of Washington. It meets their state requirements for DSP training.
Dealing With Grief and Loss: A Team Approach
This CD-ROM has training for DSPs. It is about supporting consumers when someone dies.
Declarations of Independence
This DVD has ten self-advocates who talk about the things that are most important to them.
Dementia Strategies
This online training module is about supporting people with disabilities who have dementia.
Direct Support Professional Workforce Resources from the RTC on Community Living
This web site describes many research projects, training materials and resources for Direct Support Professionals, Frontline Supervisors and the individuals and organizations who employ them.
This is a family of websites with online training for DSPs.
DisabilityTraining.org (Iowa Training Consortium)
This website has information about training opportunities for DSPs in Iowa.
Doing Our Best Work: 10 Ingredients of Quality Support
This 17-minute DVD reviews ten essential components of quality direct support. It is useful for training and discussion with people providing or coordinating direct support.
DSP Certification: Who, How, and Why?
This CD introduces the idea of credentialing DSPs who understand how to support people who have both intellectual and mental health disabilities.
Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Caregivers
This on-line guidebook explains the dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental illness. It is written at a very technical level.
Early Identification of Cognitive Decline in Persons with I/DD
This CD teaches about the early signs of loss of cognitive ability.
Emergency Response Training
This DVD has training for both DSPs and people with disabilities about how to prepare for emergencies.
Epilepsy: Having A Life
This training film is about epilepsy. It shares important information for caregivers and others.
Everyday Heroes
This video and curriculum tells stories about direct support professionals. They show how DSPs made it possible for people with disabilities to become more involved in their communities.
Exploring Feelings DVD: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anxiety, Sadness and Anger DVD
This DVD teaches how to support people in managing their emotions.
Falls and People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities CD
This CF-ROM has training materials for DSPs. It is intended to reduce the number of falls for adults with developmental disabilities.
Fire Safety
This DVD and workbook show the right way to prevent accidents. It is written for DSPs working in either residential or day settings.
Fire Safety Training DVD and Curriculum
This fire safety training DVD comes with an 84-page staff training curriculum.
This video uses theater and storytelling to show what it means to be a direct caregiver.
HIPAA in Home Care DVD
This DVD describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.
Home and Community Positve Behavior Support Network - Facebook Page
This Facebook page helps bring people together who are working on positive behavior supports.
How To Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair Including Walkers Crutches & Canes DVD
This DVD teaches DSPs and others about safety when helping people who uses a wheelchair or walker.
I Got that Right: Self-advocates speak up about disability rights
This is a VHS-based video about rights
Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota website
The website for the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota
Intellectual Disability & Sexual Expression: Implication for Staff
This CD is about teaching people with intellectual disabilities about sexuality.
Issues in Developmental Disabilities
This is an internet-based distance education course offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Loss and Grieving: A Lifelong Process for Consumers and Families
This DVD is about how people with dual diagnoses might experience grief and loss. It can be used to train staff.
Michael Smull Introduces Person-Centered Thinking Tools
This is a series of nine short videos about person-centered planning. All of the videos can be viewed on YouTube for free.
Mythconceptions about Sexuality and the Disabled
This DVD expalins things people do not understand about disability and sex.
Open Future Learning
This is an online training website for DSPs who support people with ID/DD.
Personal Care Aid Certification Course
This 40-hour, online curriculum teaches important care, communication and behavioral skills.
Planning for Life: The Role of Direct Support Professionals in Self-Directed Planning
This DVD shows how DSPs can support self-determination and self-direction as they assist people who have disabilities.
Positioning, Turning and Transferring
This video (DVD) teaches staff basic principles of body mechanics, positioning techniques and guidelines, as well as the importance of dignity and respect.
Potato Video: A Look at Misguided Effort
This 4-minute video covers 19 common phrases (or attitudes) that can be adjusted to improve the quality of service
Practical Strategies for Working with Individuals with ID and Alzheimer's Disease
This training video and workbook is directed to DSPs.
Prevention of Abuse and Neglect Online Course
This online course is designed for DSPs and other professionals who provide support to adults with DD. Participants may register for college credit if they want to.
Principles and Practices of Building Community - series
These seven DVDs provide training on some of the most important concepts of community living. The lessons provide compassionate, humorous and provocative training.
Profiles in Achievement: Amazing People with Learning Differences
This DVD and accompanying materials have stories meant to inspire and encourage those with Learning Differences.
Recollections of the Institution
These two DVDs explain what it was like for people with ID/DD to live in institutions. One has stories from people who have disabilities, and the other provides parent perspectives.
Relias Learning
This company provides online training for DSPs to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Self-Determination Tools for Direct Support Staff
This online course helps direct support staff promote self-determination for people with disabilities.
Side by Side Learning
Side by Side is a new approach to training that allows direct support staff and the people who receive support to use the time they spend together, to learn together.
Staff Retention: Retaining staff in the field of developmental disabilities
This is a training curriculum for managers.
Staff Training That Makes an Impact
This DVD is about what makes staff training lead to better lives for those they support.
Supporting Adults with Intellectual DisabilityThrough Bereavement and the Grief Process
These PowerPoint note pages explain the grief process for DSPs. The idea is when DSPs understand their own reactions to grief and loss, they will be better able to help others.
Supporting the Sexual and Social Development of Individuals with Intellectual Disability
This webinar is about teaching sexuality to people with intellectual disabilities.
TASH Online Training
These training sessions cover current topics that impact people who have disabilities. They happen all year round.
The Self Coming Alive: Awareness and Communication Training for Staff and Clients
This CD is about training people with dual diagnosis, and the staff who work with them.
The Three Parts of Hurt: What You Need to Know About Trauma & Those With Intellectual Disabilities
This lecture is based on stories from people with disabilities who have been abused.
Thought Sauce! Hot Ideas for Cool Employment
A collection of articles and practical tools to help people understand what customized employment is.
Toilet Training for Children with Special Needs
This DVD provides core principles and practical techniques for successful toilet training with children who have special needs.
Tools for Change: A video-based curriculum building skills and knowledge in self-advocacy and disability rights.
A set of training units that teach people with disabilities and their allies about self-advocacy as a social movement. Each unit has a book with lots of information, a video, and ideas for group activities.
Training Resource Network online learning
This web-based training for DSPs covers a variety of topics. Some are scheduled online courses, while others are presentations available on demand.
Understanding and Responding to Persons with Personality Disorders
This CD explains personality disorders.
Universal Design Education
This website has ideas about how to make training work well for everyone. This is called Universal Design.
Values of Inclusion
In this online video, a person explains what it means to be a truly inclusive community.
Vision Library for Enhancing Quality of Life
This CD-ROM has many PowerPoint slides. They are about improving quality of life for people with disabilities.
Voices from the Frontlines III: Advancing the Profession of Direct Support
This tool guides DSPs in using the Professional Competency Standards and Code of Ethics in everyday situations.
Wake Up Call
This DVD was developed as a training film for DSPs. It shows how people with disabilities want staff to speak, work, relate, and interact with them.
We Work Together
This online learning module teaches learners how to use active support to help people become more engaged in daily activities.
Working with Families: Critical Issues
This DVD is about working with families of people with disabilities. It was prepared by a group that helps people who have intellectual disabilities and mental health needs.
Working with People with Disabilities in the Areas of Health and Sexuality
This is a CD that teaches staff how to keep people safe from sexual abuse.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Association for Talent Development
This is the world's leading professional association and resource on workplace learning and performance issues.
BILD Centre for the Advancement of Positive Behavour Support
This Center was created to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills in the intellectual disability sector around positive behaviour support. It is located in the United Kingdom.
CEU Certificates- Online Provider Training
Ceucertificates.com provides self-paced online continuing education, for caregivers and professionals serving people with developmental disabilities. Courses for Ohio Medicaid Waiver providers contain topics required for DODD initial and annual training.
Citizen-Centered Leadership Development
This online class is about helping people with disabilities become full citizens of the communities where they live.
Community Staff Training Programs at Minot State University
This online program provides DSPs with the training they need. There are opportunities for DSPs and other professionals to earn certificates and college degrees.
Developmental Disabilities Lecture Series
This community education program features national speakers and reviews state-of-the-art practices for people with developmental disabilities.
Developmental Disabilities Network Inc.
This organization creates and offers educational events covering topics related to social inclusion, empowerment, and people who have developmental disabilities.
Developmental Disabilities Training Institute
This agency provides training on Person-Centered Thinking and other topics. It is located in North Carolina
Gentle Teaching International
This organization focuses on gentle teaching. Their website contains a variety of resources and information on gentle teaching as a practice for supporting individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Institute for Person-Centered Practices
This agency provides training on person-centered thinking for program leaders, DSPs, people with disabilities, and their family members. It is located in Texas.
JFK Jr. Institute for Worker Education
This program of the City University of New York works to professionalize the jobs of Direct Support Professionals.
Learn and Earn: A Career Ladder Program
This agency program offers professional development opportunities for DSPs. It won the Moving Mountains Award in 2013.
Monarch won a Moving Mountains award in 2014 for best practices in direct support staff workforce development. This organization supports people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in North Carolina.
NADD Competency-Based Dual Diagnosis Certification Program
This program assures that the DSPs who support people who have dual diagnoses have the skills they need.
National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP)
A national organization of direct support professionals (DSPs) in the United States. It helps DSPs in many ways, such as providing trainings and helping DSPs connect with each other.
Neighbours International
This is an innovative provider organization that specializes in helping people have control over their services. They are skilled at helping other agencies.
Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center
This University-based Center trains and supports parents, teachers, and DSPs.
Ore­gon Tech­ni­cal Assis­tance Cor­po­ra­tion
This agency provides training for families and DSPs on many topics related to person-centered supports.
Positive Approaches Institute
This eight-day training workshop teaches new ways to support people who use challenging behaviors. Participants are taught to think about why people use these, and positive ways to help them stop.
Program Development Associates (DisabilityTraining.Com)
This organization distributes a wide variety of training materials.
Service Alternatives Training Institute
This agency provides a wide range of seminars, classes and consultation for agencies and staff serving those with disabilities. It is located in the state of Washington.
The National Association of QDDPs
This membership organization has resources for those who manage programs. It holds an annual conference and has a training program.
TruEnergy Enterprises
This company produces materials to train DSPs.
Jerry Smith
Jerry produces documentary films and training programs in support of people with disabilities and their allies. Please visit our website to view sample movies.
John Raffaele
John is a an experienced educator, trainer, and dynamic public speaker in the field of human services, specializing in Direct Support Ethics and Standardized Competencies.
The Community Support Skill Standards (CSSS) For Direct Service Workers in Human Services
A set of important skills for staff who support people in community human service settings.
People Who Can Help
Peter Leidy
Peter Leidy is a speaker, consultant and writer on many issues involving disability. He also writes and sings funny songs about life in the human services system. Peter consults with individuals, families, organizations, counties, and states in ar...

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