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Staff Supervision and Management
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Contains products that support skill development for administrators, human resources professionals, managers, supervisors, consumers, and families for supervising people who provide direct support in community settings (residential, vocational and recreational) or in people’s own homes.

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Managed by: Barb Kleist (kleis041@umn.edu) of Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota

Product Categories
Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (45 Products)
Electronic Media (8 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (10 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
1501 Ways to Reward Employees
This book gives 1501 ideas for supervisors and managers to use in their recognition program to address staff recruitment and retention challenges. It is an update from an earlier book.
180 Ways to Walk the Recognition Talk
This short book offers 181 tips on how to recognize those in your organization. Each tip is numbered and provides an example on how to implement it.
A Synthesis of Direct Service Workforce Demographics and Challenges across Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities, Aging, Physical Disabilities, and Behavioral Health
This report has information about the direct service workforce in the United States. It covers those who support elders, people with ID/DD, people with physical disabilities, and people with behavioral health issues.
Applied Psychology In Human Resource Management, Seventh Edition
This book will help businesses develop better skills in attracting new people to hire. It will also help in the selection and placement of those people, and offers helpful tools for looking at how well someone does their job.
Coaching Supervision: Introductory Skills for Supervisors in Home and Residential Care
This curriculum introduces supervisors of direct care workers to skills needed to solve problems effectively, and improve work performance.
Creating a Culture of Retention: A Coaching Approach to Praprofessional Supervision
This document describes a new approach to the supervision of paraprofessionals. In the coaching approach, supervisors guide workers in finding solutions to problems affecting effectiveness on the job.
Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing, 8th Edition
This is a book about how to manage people in nursing.
Encouraging The Heart Workbook, Revised Edition
This books provides agencies, management teams, supervisors, and staff with ideas on building personal leadership skills
Essentials for Evaluation: Info-Line
This booklet outlines the basics for evaluating training programs.
Facilitation at a Glance!: Your Pocket Guide to Facilitation (Memory Jogger) 3rd Edition
This is a book about meeting facilitation.
Finding and Keeping Direct Care Staff
This document provides suggestions for recruiting and retaining long term care staff and strategies to dealing with worker shortages.
First, Break all the rules: What the world's Greatest managers do differently
This book explains effective management practices.It is based on 25 years of research by the Gallup company.
Frontline Initiative
This newsletter is the official publication of The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP).
How to Build and Use a 360-Degree Feedback System: Info-line
This booklet has information on designing and implementing a system for multi-rater feedback on manager performance.
How to Facilitate: Info-Line
This guide teaches how to work with groups to solve problems.
Info-line: Management Development
This book is a "how-to" reference tool on developing skills as a manager.
Lean Memory Joggers
These booklets help staff to work efficiently, and agencies to provide the best service possible.
Listen up, Leader: Pay attention, improve and guide
This booklet for leaders covers listening, learning and serving employees.
Minnesota Self-Determination Scales
These measure how much self-determination people with disabilities have in their lives. There are separate scales that show the ability of DSPs to support people's self-determination.
National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics guides the work of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).
Overcoming job burnout: How to renew enthusiasm for work
A book for direct support professionals, supervisors and managers to address job burnout.
Peer mentoring: A workshop series for direct-care workers in home and residential care
This training material is designed to prepare veteran direct care workers to become mentors. It focuses on three skill areas: leadership, communication, and problem-solving.
This is an online magazine focused on innovation and excellence in management and leadership.
Quality improvement organizations: Recognizing workers' role in nursing home quality improvement
This issue brief describes how nursing homes are improving service quality by doing a better job of involving DSPs.
Quality in Practice: Leadership
This fact sheet provides suggestions on how leaders of an organization can best lead by carefully listening to the people it serves.
Quality in Practice: Staff Hiring and Evaluation
This fact sheet provides suggestions for organizations on hiring and evaluating staff.
Removing the Revolving Door: Strategies to Address Recruitment and Retention Challenges
A curriculum targeting frontline supervisors and managers regarding the use of effective recruitment, retention, and training strategies.
Staff Recruitment, Retention, & Training Strategies
This is a book for managers and others who supervise direct care staff for people with disabilities.
Stepping up to Supervisor
This book helps new supervisors make the transition to different roles.
Teamwork in human services: Models and applications across the life span
This book provides four models of teamwork. It also explains the most important teamwork issues for people who work in the human services field. The book is designed for both professionals and graduate students.
The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger
This pocket-sized book offers suggestions on increasing creativity among team members.
The Employment Interview Handbook
This academic textbook explains interviewing as part of the hiring process.
The exemplar employee: Rewarding and recognizing outstanding direct contact employees
This small book gives things to think about when designing an employee recognition program
The Frst-time Manager, Sixth Edition
This book contains expert information on the basics of management. It also talks about the most important issues in management.
The Mars Pathfinder: Approach to "Faster-Better-Cheaper"
This book offers ideas about improved approaches to management. It uses the NASA Pathfinder mission to Mars as an example of how to implement these strategies.
The Minnesota Frontline Supervisor Competencies and Performance Indicators
This booklet has ideas to help agencies identify the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes for people in a frontline supervisory role.
The New Supervisor: Stepping Up with Confidence, Fourth Edition
This book provides guidelines for supervising for the newly-promoted employee who has been promoted to a supervisory position.
The New Supervisor: Strategies for Supporting and Managing Frontline Staff
This book is for supervisors, new or veteran, promoted from a direct support role into a supervisory position.
The Peer Empowerment Program (PEP): A Complete Toolkit for Planning and Implementing Mentoring Programs Within Community-Based Human Service Organizations
This curriculum is designed to create a mentoring program in community-based human service organizations.
The Power of Diversity: Supporting the Immigrant Workforce
This curriculum assists supervisors and other agency staff find, support, and retain immigrant workers. It includes a Facilitator Guide and a Learner Guide.
The Right Start: Preparing direct-care workers to provide home- and community-based care
This report made training recommendations for the growing number of DSPs who were providing support in peoples homes.
The SEIU 775 Long-Term Care Training, Support & Career Development Network: A Blue Print for the Future
This paper describes the vision for a staff development network to be initiated in Washington state by a large labor union. It was to provide training, on-the-job support, and career development services for DSPs who supported people in their homes.
The Supervisor Training Curriculum: Evidence-Based Ways to Promote Work Quality
This curriculum is for supervisors of staff who support people with disabilities. There is an instructors guide, as well as a trainee's guide
The Team Memory Jogger: A pocket guide for team members
This book offers advice to staff members on how to work together as a team.
Who Moved My Cheese
This book helps agency leaders and staff deal with change.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
College of Frontline Supervision and Management
This online training program helps frontline supervisors, managers, and others in organizational leadership roles, learn about critical issues such as recruitment and retention of DSPs, staff performance and training and interventions plans.
Community Residential Core Competencies
This guidebook describes 14 skill areas that DSPs need in order to work in someone's home.
Direct Support Professional Workforce Resources from the RTC on Community Living
This web site describes many research projects, training materials and resources for Direct Support Professionals, Frontline Supervisors and the individuals and organizations who employ them.
Hope at Work: Creating Positive, Resilient Organizations
These two audio CDs introduce a practical action model any agency can use to create a positive and hopeful work culture.
Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota website
The website for the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota
Our Door is Open: Creating Welcoming Cultures in Helping Organizations
An CD with ideas to help organizations create a welcoming culture.
The Challenges of Supervising Staff
This DVD and workbook teaches supervisors how to communicate effectively with staff.
Workforce.com is a website containing resources for supervisors, managers and administrators on human resource issues.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Association for Talent Development
This is the world's leading professional association and resource on workplace learning and performance issues.
Community Resource Alliance
This company offers training management consulting to agencies that support people with disabilities. Their goal is to help people with disabilities successfully live in communities with the services and supports they want.
Every Day Heroes/Master Worker Program through the Adirondack Arc
This staff training program begins with an agency orientation, and can lead to a Bachelors Degree.
Mandt Leadership Training
This training is helpful for managers in human service settings who want to improve their supervisory skills. It is targeted to create organizations that do not use behavioral restraints.
Monarch won a Moving Mountains award in 2014 for best practices in direct support staff workforce development. This organization supports people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in North Carolina.
National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP)
A national organization of direct support professionals (DSPs) in the United States. It helps DSPs in many ways, such as providing trainings and helping DSPs connect with each other.
Program Development Associates (DisabilityTraining.Com)
This organization distributes a wide variety of training materials.
Quantum Solutions - Human Services Provider Software
This computer software helps service providers with case management, payroll, and fundraising.
Society for Human Resource Management
This is the world's largest human resource management association.
The National Association of QDDPs
This membership organization has resources for those who manage programs. It holds an annual conference and has a training program.

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